Bibles are Needed

We received this message from Patrick & Barb Lataillade, missionaries in Haiti that we support. 

Kingdom Kids is exploding! The kids love it! Yesterday they didn’t want to go home. Yes, after three hours, and they wanted to stay. A few of the children walk 3 hours one way to come to Kingdom Kids. That means six hours of walking in a day and three hours of class. Yet they come and love it! Presently there are 75 children in the program. We have 3 different groups—Little Lambs, Shining Stars, and Brave Soldiers.

The youth in church and the older ones of Kingdom Kids need Bibles. French Bibles, that is.There re also a number of people attending church that are saved,know how to read, but don’t have a Bible. Can you imagine having a Bible in hand for the first time? Can imagine never having a Bible to read at home? Perhaps here in the USA Bibles are so easy to have, that we hardly see it as a special treasure. Do we have time to read the Bible, or has the sport channel taken over our free time? I can tell you that each Bible that will be given to a child or youth will be blessed immensely.

If you are interested in providing a Bible  ($14.00 per Bible) go to our website: https://www.livingwordhaiti.org/donate/index.html

Or by check: Payable to Living Word Ministries memo Bible
Send to: 14359 Miramar Parkway #262
Miramar, FL 33027
All donations will receive a tax receipt.

Thank you So Much!
Patrick and Barb Lataillade

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