Where Does Meddling Get You?

Wednesday night wisdom:

In 2 Chronicles Chapter 25, The Lord gave King Amaziah of Judah a great victory over the Edomites. However King Amaziah got lifted up with pride, thinking that he was responsible for the victory. He then challenged the king of Israel to battle. Joash, the king of Israel sent him a message saying, “Lo, you have smitten the Edomites, and your heart has lifted you up to boast. Stay home. Why should you now meddle to your own hurt, that you should fall, even you and Judah with you?”

But king Amaziah would not listen. He went into battle against the king of Israel, and was defeated. Part of the wall of Jerusalem was broken up, and treasures were taken out of the house of God. The King fell.

Consider these wise words from Pastor Chuck Smith:

A. Some are meddling with alcohol.

1. A recent survey revealed that 81% of the high school students have tried drinking alcoholic beverages.
2. That children today are being introduced to alcohol at the early age of nine years old.
3. Let me warn you that meddling with alcohol can only hurt you.
a. There is not one decent benefit that can come from drinking.
b. There is a myriad of evils that can come from alcohol.
4. Proverbs speaks of some of the problems that alcohol brings.
5. This is what is known as a free translation of Proverbs 23:29:

Who has woe? who has sorrow? who is in fights? who has quarrels? Who has wounds and doesn’t know how he got them? who has bloodshot eyes? They that hang out in the bars, spending their time drinking. Don’t let the sparkle and smooth taste of wine deceive you, for in the end, it will bite like a serpent and sting like a scorpion. Your eyes will begin to look at strange women. You will utter stupid things that would embarrass you if you were sober. You do stupid things like trying to lie down on the sea or to go to sleep on the top of the mast. You will say, “They beat me up and I did not even feel it. When you sober up, you will go out and seek it again.’

B. Even worse than alcohol are the problems that come to the person who meddles with drugs.
1. One of the insidious things about drugs is the first thing the drug attacks is your power to resist.
2. It also destroys your capacity to reason.
3. You soon find yourself doing things that at one time in your life you swore that you would never do.
a. Honesty and truth, are early victims as you become a con artist.
b. In time it will cost you your job, your family, and everything that is worthwhile in life.

C. Some are meddling with an extra marital affair or just with sex apart from marriage.
1. It started off innocent enough but now like a fly caught in the spider’s web you are trapped.
2. The excitement and sex drive keep you pursuing the forbidden fruit, yet it is destroying your family.
3. You find yourself in the torments of hell, because of the approach-avoidance conflict.
4. You feel so guilty when you look at your sweet innocent children and you realize the pain that you are bringing into their lives.
5. They do not understand why you are never going to be living with them again. Many nights they will cry themselves to sleep for their world has been destroyed, and they don’t know why.
6. You know what God’s word says about such things, but your desire for sex becomes stronger than your desire for life.
7. If you have become sexually promiscuous, your chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease is very great.”

Have you been meddling to your own hurt? Are you meddling with these things or other destructive things in your life? Jesus Christ wants you to know that He loves you and that He is ready, willing, and able to deliver you from your meddling, into the freedom of a life totally sold out to Him. Ask Him to forgive you, to cleanse you, heal you and give you a new start, a new beginning with Him. If you truly want to change, Jesus can and will help you do it. Read the Bible, learn to pray, and fellowship with other believers in Jesus.

Pastor Henry

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