Pastor Henry Gainey

Henry Gainey

I was saved when I was a child, but fell away from the Lord in college and medical school. In 1971, I was in Southern California doing my Medical Residency in Family Practice. Some Christians there witnessed to me about Jesus Christ. They had a love and a joy in their hearts I had never experienced. They told me about Jesus and what He was doing in their lives, and invited me to their church, Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa. I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and started attending Calvary Chapel.

Jesus became the love of my life, and filled me with His joy, love, and peace. Pastor Chuck Smith at Calvary Chapel taught me the Bible, and God used His Word to transform my life. I have read through the Bible several times, and I never get tired of Jesus and His Word.

In 1973, my wife Gale and I were married at Calvary Chapel. We have two daughters and two grandsons. In 1996, we started Calvary Chapel of Thomasville, with the same philosophy of ministry as Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa.

*Pastor Henry Gainey went to be with the Lord in May of 2022.

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